Playback & Recording

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  • Denon DN500R Solid State Recorder – USB or SD Card £30.00 P/D £60.00 P/W Code: DN500R Add to quote 
  • N/A Karaoke – 3 Disc karaoke machine. Wide selection of discs available. Please contact us to discuss your needs. £60.00 P/D £180.00 P/W Code: KARAOKE Add to quote 
  • N/A Mp3 CD – Rack mounted CD player with the facility to playback MP3 disks £10.00 P/D £30.00 P/W Code: AACD Add to quote 
  • Tascam DVRA-1000 – High definition audio recorder. Records to either CDR or DVD. Very high specification unit with many connection options. Please contact us for details. £30.00 P/D £90.00 P/W Code: DVDREC Add to quote