Radio Microphones

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  • Samson Sam58 – Samson VHF hand held kit. 2 way kit with Shure SM58 microphone capsule. Very robust. *See budget radio mic note below. £15.00 P/D £45.00 P/W Code: SAMSON Add to quote 
  • Sennheiser EW312G3 – Flight case containing 4 Sennheiser EM300 receivers and aerial distribution kit. Supplied with 1/4 wave with aerials. Please advise either hand held E935 Microphones or body pack transmitters with ME2/4 Lapel or Headworn Microphones. £120.00 P/D £360.00 P/W Code: G34WAY Add to quote 
  • Sennheiser EW312G3 – SK300 Body Pack TX, Receiver PSU, 2m XLR 2m Jack cable & 2 x AA batteries £30.00 P/D £90.00 P/W Code: G3LAP Add to quote 
  • Sennheiser EW312G3 – SM300 E935 Hand Held Mic, EM300Receiver PSU, 2m XLR 2m Jack cable & 2 x AA batteries £30.00 P/D £90.00 P/W Code: G3HAND Add to quote 
  • Sennheiser Remote Antenae Kit: A1031U Omnidirectional Antenae, 2 Stands, 2 x 10m BNC Coax Cable £10.00 P/D £30.00 P/W Code: A1031U Add to quote 
  • Trantec S5.5 Kit – Flight case containing an 4 way Trantec lapel radio microphone kit and all accessories. Please select microphones from options here. *See note on budget radio mics below. £60.00 P/D £120.00 P/W Code: TRAN4WAY Add to quote 

Budget Radio Mics operate in Ch70 there are only 4 frequencies available in this channel and are license free. This applies to the whole of the UK. All of our other Radio microphones are on Ch38, there are 12 frequencies available. The hire charge includes a license for use in the UK. Other channels are available and licenses can be arrange subject to OFCOM charges.