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  • Astra Litepanel 3X LED Bi-colour 3 head (Film & Video ENG Lighting Kit) £70.00 P/D £210.00 P/W Code: LP3XKIT Add to quote 
  • Blonde 2Kw c/w Barn Door £6.00 P/D £18.00 P/W Code: BLONDE Add to quote 
  • Broad Flood 1250w c/w Barn Door £5.00 P/D £15.00 P/W Code: BROAD Add to quote 
  • LEDGO 900 bi-colour, dimmable location light £12.00 P/D £34.50 P/W Code: 900BCLK Add to quote 
  • Red Head 800w c/w Barn Door and Gaffer Grip £4.00 P/D £12.00 P/W Code: REDHEAD Add to quote 
  • Red Head Kit comprising 4 heads complete with stands etc. £36.00 P/D £108.00 P/W Code: REDKIT Add to quote 
  • Stand for Red Head or Broad £1.00 P/D £5.00 P/W Code: REDSTAND Add to quote 
  • Vega Fresnel 10Kw c/w Barn Doors £1.00 P/D £54.00 P/W Code: VEGA Add to quote