Vision/video Mixers and Seamless switchers

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  • Coreo One Multi Standard Scaler/Switcher £360.00 P/D £120.00 P/W Code: TV1C3230 Add to quote 
  • Kramer Seamless Switcher VGA/VC/S-Vid/RGB/DVI £60.00 P/D £180.00 P/W Code: KRAMER Add to quote 
  • Kramer VP796A High Definition (HD) seamless video switcher with audio £80.00 P/D £240.00 P/W Code: KVP796A Add to quote 
  • Panasonic MX50 Vision Mixer Comp/S-video £80.00 P/D £240.00 P/W Code: VISMIX50 Add to quote 
  • RGB/VGA/Svideo/Comp. Seamless Switcher £60.00 P/D £180.00 P/W Code: COMPASS Add to quote