BlackBox F1-G5

BlackBox Wireless DMX units have arrived today


The Wireless Solutions W-DMX F1 G5

These units have just arrived and they are already booked to be used on two shows already!

If you are in a beautiful Venue where cables can’t be hidden  then these could be the solution. Boasting 500m range (line of sight)

Each unit can be set to either Transmit or receive the full 512 channels of DMX

Have a look at the spec’s to see why they’ve been chosen for use:

The W-DMX BlackBox F-1 G5 Transceiver is a single universe, highly flexible
wireless solution. This unit supports transmit and receive modes of both DMX and
RDM signals, for both 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz or 5.8GHz frequency bands, giving access
to more channels and hence greater reliability. With the optional Ethernet protocol
support, the product can support any protocol input, be it Art-Net, sACN or ETC
Net, and any protocol output, Ethernet or RS-485. Just 5ms latency.

see here to pre-book or request a quote. or call 01865-722522 for more information